Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Parks, pademelons and furry pigs - kind of!

Harmonie on the flying fox - another, non-animal, attraction at Queens Park

Our kids have been to lots of wildlife parks over the years. Dreamworld, Australia Zoo, Lone Pine Sanctuary, the Cairns Rainforest Dome, Melbourne Zoo, Canberra Zoo – they’ve seen them all. Sometimes more than once! And they are avid fans of Bindi Irwin’s Jungle Girl TV show. But that doesn’t mean all that information stays in their heads.
So this weekend, we took a drive to Queens Park, Ipswich. It’s a lovely grassy park, with a massive playground, huge trees, climbing frames, kiosk, and a nature centre.
Chase and Harmonie excitedly ran ahead as they explored the exhibit.
“Look Mum, Watermelons!” Chase exclaimed in delight.
Er no, actually they were Pademelons! (Note to non-Aussie readers: pademelons are cute furry marsupials, smaller than wallabies). I wouldn’t be eating a slice of those any time soon.
Further on, we came along to the wombat display. “Wow, look at the Furry Pigs,” Chase cried. People around us snickered, and I couldn’t help laughing either. I mean, it’s not as if the child hasn’t ever seen a wombat before! Or read about them for that matter.
Chase had the grace to laugh too, when I pointed out his mistake. “Well they look like pigs with a hairy nose,” he said. True.
It was like a recent trip to the country to see my family.
“Ooh, Mumma, big doggies,” said Harmonie reverently, face pressed to the window. Um, actually they were cows.
Maybe we need to get these city kids into the country more often!

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