Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

The art of Mother's Day

Today, being Mother’s Day, I was woken by a couple of excited kids and bemused husband.
The kids had spent $5 of their own money at the school’s Mother’s Day stall, and wrapped their pressies (very creatively) themselves. Of course, I had to pretend not to see the presents on a couple of occasions – eg, on the way out of school, when one of Chase’s gifts, a colourful soft flower in a flower pot, tumbled out onto the ground in front of me!
I was amazed at the amount of thought they put into their gifts though.
Apart from the flower pot, Chase had packed a couple of pens, scissors (probably because I’m always shouting that I can’t find any), a frame he’d found in the gift cupboard at home, into which he’d put a photo of himself, and the best thing: A book of coupons he made at school. They’re each good for things like a free foot rub, hassle-free homework evening, and room tidy. He’s also gone crazy making home-made cards. Gotta love his teacher!
Harmonie had purchased a gift-set of smelly goodies – bath crystals, body lotion, body butter, shower gel and sponge. Given they cost $5, I’m not sure what the quality will be like – but it’s the thought that counts. She also made a card, a magnet, and a placemat at school. Very cute.
Kyle had given me an early Mother’s Day present a few weeks ago, so I could use it on our recent family trip to Canberra – my digital camera. I also scored some cute cat earrings from Canberra’s Old Bus Depot markets, and a CD.
Afterwards, the kids excitedly helped set up for an outdoor barbecue breakfast. Nanna – Kyle’s Mum, joined us. The weather in the mornings is gorgeous this time of year. Warm, but not too hot. It was a bit more work than going to a restaurant, but so much more relaxing.
So we ate too much, and relaxed in the sun for a while. I was tempted to start the day with my favourite bubbly, but decided that sunshine plus wine so early in the day, may not mix!
We had a lazy day, during which time I rescued the kids from child-eating spiders, cooked lunch, cleaned up after breakfast, made a cardboard crocodile, and wiped a couple of snotty noses. Not too different to normal then!
This afternoon, we drove out to Paddington to take a look at a new coffee and chocolate place that had supposedly opened there. I was really looking forward to a couple of hand-made chocolates and a decent coffee. Guess what? It wasn’t there! Obviously, they’ve gotten a bit ahead of themselves on their website.
Very disappointing. We ended up having noodles on the way home instead.
The monsters fought like cats and dogs in the car, so they’ve now been banished to their rooms while I write this and Kyle plays Warcraft.
The silence is bliss – and maybe the best Mother’s Day gift I could have asked for!
I hope you had a happy one too!

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