Monday, April 7, 2008

Andy just dandy

It’s school holidays, so I took the kids to the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art at Southbank.
We’ve spent plenty of time at the nearby museum and art gallery, but it was our first time at GOMA.
The Warhol exhibition was fab, and we all came away with a better appreciation of his talent and quirky life.
The kids exhibits were hands-on and fabulous. They could have spent all day in the Silver Clouds room, where they get to poke and prod floating silver pillows. The photo boxes and 15-minutes-of-fame video recordings were also popular.
After a picnic in the grounds, we headed over to the museum, making a pitstop at the Museum Café. I have to say it was pandemonium there. Everyone seemed to have the same idea. Unfortunately, the café food was pretty bland and boring – and overpriced, as these places always are.
Later, we did all the usual exhibits, but by then the place was packed. We’d taken the Little Princess’s friend along for the ride, so I was kept busy watching for heads – typically, they’d all take off in different directions at the same time.
After spending a small fortune in the museum gift shop – Chase emptied all his pocket money onto the counter and spent the lot – we headed home.
If you haven’t already been, I’d really recommend making the trip to see the Andy Warhol exhibition before it moves on.
Just eat at one of the other cafes instead (or better still, pack more food and drink!)

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