Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Date Night

Having just blogged about budgeting, it’s ironic that this weekend Kyle and I ignored my own advice, and actually ate out.
It’s okay though, because it was Date Night.
In the interests of a healthy relationship, occasionally we feel the need to get out and rediscover what we loved about each other, before kids, budgets, homework, and life came into the equation.
That’s called Date Night, and it is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!
So the other night, Nice Nanna agreed to watch the kids, while Kyle and I had the chance to reconnect without worrying about exhorbitant babysitting fees.
Originally, we’d planned on dinner and a movie, but with budgeting in mind (you almost need to take out an extra mortgage to go to the cinemas these days), we chose a lovely dinner instead.
We like to check out new places, so after a check of our Entertainment Book (we buy one each year, and as well as saving us money it introduces us to loads of places we may never have discovered on our own), we chose to eat at Mizu Japanese Eats at Teneriffe.
This place is fab! I had a couple of excellent house whites, while Kyle had a Japanese beer.
I chose the vegetarian Bento Box, and was served beautifully presented and mouthwatering serves of tempura, sushi agedashi tofu, soy-glazed roasted pumpkins, sweet potatoes, green salad and rice.
It was delicious – and best of all healthy, so I wasn’t breaking my diet. (Well, except for the two wines. But it was Date Night, so they didn’t count).
Kyle went for the Mizu Bento Box, which came with three mixed entrées, sushi rolls, tempura, teriyaki chicken and tofu, plus rice and miso soup.
We were way impressed, and I can thoroughly recommend it for a lovely evening out. Friendly service and delicious healthy food that won't break the budget. We will certainly be back. Er, for Date Night though. So it won’t count when we’re doing our budget – will it?
In any case, although we love our kids, Kyle and I find the occasional night essential for our sanity - and our relationship. And that's priceless!
The luxury of being able to talk about something other than the kids (though I admit, they are frequently the topic of conversation) is wonderful. Let alone to actually finish a meal, and a conversation, without having to rush someone to the loo, clean up a spilt drink, or break up WW3!
Our dates aren't always at restaurants. Sometimes it's a movie and a takeaway on the way home; a catch-up with friends, or we might just spend a few hours shopping together (particularly pre-Christmas or kiddie birthdays). Occasionally, we'll pay a lovely babysitter who has known our kids since they were born, to take them to a park or a movie while we get into DIY projects at home in a fraction of the time (and without the fuss) they would involve if the kids were home to 'help'. Bless their little hearts.
That's not to say we don't do all that with the kids as well. It's just that sometimes it's nice to be a couple again, not just Mum and Dad, and to reconnect on that level.
And you know what? Our kids accept it, think it's pretty funny, and are always quite excited that Mummy and Daddy are going on a date.
When we get home - or the next morning as the case may be - they love to hear every little detail.
"What did you do?", "What did you eat?", "Was the movie scary"?
And we have a pleasant conversation telling them all about it.
So I'm hoping that we're teaching them a lesson about love and adult relationships too. That parents are people too, and that it's healthy for them to need some time alone occasionally.
Anyone else want to share their Daddy-Mummy Dating Secrets?


Melza said...

Dating? What's that?

Thanks for visiting my blog - I am enjoying yours as well!

Cheers, Mel

Bronnie said...

I must admit I've almost forgotten it myself!