Monday, April 7, 2008

Broncos, breakfast and barbecues

Starting the day with champagne is such a civilised thing to do.
We had breakfast at the Brisbane Broncos club on Sunday. It was a first for us, but obviously an institution for the rest of Brisbane. The crowd was made up of well-dressed matrons, elderly gentlemen, families, couples and kids, most of them in their Sunday best.
For $15, it’s probably one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets.
Okay, so you’re not going to get Eggs Benedict, smoked salmon or real coffee for that, but the buffet spread we did get was pretty good.
Scrambled eggs, bacon, croissants, beans, savoury mince and more made up the hot dishes, plus there were cereals, fruit, yoghurt and juices. My favourite though, was a very acceptable glass of Australian bubbly for starters. I thought it was a bit mean that Kyle, who wasn’t drinking, refused to get a glass as well so I could have his!
Afterwards, the kids ran around on the Broncos training ground while the adults chatted. It was a relaxing way to start the day.
Not surprisingly, given the price, the breakfast is popular, so you do have to put up with the occasional jittery old dear, or over-excited kids (ours included) eating for Australia. But it’s fine as long as you chill out (and perhaps sneak an extra glass of bubbly).
We continued the Brisbane theme by having a barbecue that afternoon. Beer, bubbly, steak, snags and salads with good friends.
Just what a weekend should be like!

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